Pastoral Care

Holistic Approach

We aim to provide a fully holistic experience for all of our participants. Alongside our highly qualified team of music tutors and conductors we have a large, friendly team of Scout and Guide Leaders who run the day to day activities of the course and provide pastoral care. Several of these team members are themselves previous participants of the course so are uniquely placed to offer support and guidance as well as being available for members if they have any concerns. You can read more about them on the Staff Team page.

Our team are available 24/7 over the week long course, whether that be sitting in the back of rehearsals, in the team base lounge or in the residences. There are staff members billeted in each accommodation block, so there is someone available overnight if required.

First Aid

We have a staff team member who is responsible for first aid and medical issues, however the whole team are up to date with first aid qualifications. There will be a nominated first aider available at all times both on site and at all off site activities.

Mentoring Scheme

Alongside our staff team we have a peer mentoring scheme in which experienced members of the orchestra and concert band are selected to act as mentors for new participants. This provides an additional support network to help ensure that new participants are able to maximise the opportunities and experiences the course offers. The mentors will also liaise with the staff team if necessary to ensure the well being of all course participants.

Our main focus of the week is the music, however, we are all Scouts and Guides and we provide a full programme of activities alongside rehearsals. You can read more about these on the Social Activities page.