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NSGSO/NSGCB means so much to me; I may have only been for one year but I loved it so much! I have the best, most caring friends I could ever ask for. It’s an environment that I feel comfortable in and can’t wait to go back!

Isaac – Member, Violin

I enjoyed listening to the lock-down videos. Great work by the players and also the very careful arrangements to ensure that it all lined-up so well.

Tim Kidd – UK Chief Scout Commissioner

NSGCB is one of the best ways to combine both music and Guiding or Scouting. The music you play is always fun, even if it may seem difficult to start with. The tutors are incredible and the music  sounds amazing at the end. The friendships you form are ones that will last for a very long time. The staff are the loveliest and most supportive people, helping with the smallest tasks to organise the whole course. It is definitely one of the best weeks I have been on.

Lauren – Member, Percussion

This experience was absolutely incredible. I had know idea what to expect. However, not only were the rehearsals fun and exciting but also I made the best of friends. I don’t think there was a moment where we weren’t laughing our heads off. The evening activities were so good as well, a great way to unwind after a jam-packed day. The leaders were amazing too! Our little group will be back for more in the years to come!

Melissa – Member, Violin

This is an orchestra like no other. Making music and memories with the incredible NSGSO/NSGCB family every year is so so much fun. The atmosphere in the concerts at the end of the week is electric.

Constance – Member, Flute

The whole experience was very enjoyable, I would recommend the course to any Scouts or Guides who enjoy playing music

George – Member, Flautist

Super individuals who really want to improve their orchestral playing. A high spot in my tutoring year!

Jeremy Shoobridge – Woodwind Tutor

I was totally enthralled by the music played during the concert. The talent of all the members involved was amazing and it was totally obvious that I was witnessing something quite unique. The commitment of everyone comes across in the performance, but also from the brief conversations I had everyone loves being part of the orchestra and the band. I know that many members have been taking the opportunity to take part for a number of years and whilst it is hard work they make many friends.

Julie Bell-Deputy Chief Guide

“The concerts were professionally executed and the performances highly polished. A credit to all”.

“We are so glad we chanced upon the Scouting /Girl Guiding summer music camp. Our daughter took to it as duck to water”.

“It was refreshing to see the ethos, core values and standards of the scouting association in practice”.

“If your child loves playing music, forging new relationships, having fun, making memories and escaping the parents for a week ask them to apply for next year’s NSGCB/NSGSO summer camp”.

Jasmine – Parent

A big thank you from me as a mum, a musician and a Scout Leader for all your hard work. I know how much work is involved!

Liz – Parent

NSGSO has been the highlight of my summer for many years now. I always learnt loads every year, the tutors are amazing and the staff are so supportive. But what’s even better is I have made friends for life!

Megan – Member, Oboe

Coaching on this outstanding course is a huge privilege, especially to be part of this highly professional, experienced and motivated team. The sense of commitment and inclusiveness amongst staff and students alike result in a tremendous sense of musical improvement and learning in a safe and fun environment. Wonderful.

Richard Smith – Violin Tutor

NSGCB has allowed me to put together two of my favourite things; music and Guiding. I have made friends for life and can’t wait to go every year.

Charlotte – Member, Euphonium and Tuba

I love working with the NSGSO & NSGCB!! The percussion teams are always brilliant – committed, keen, energetic and fun. As tutors we greatly value the support given by the pastoral team and all the young musicians are a great bunch. It’s just a fabulous week!

Dan Priest – Percussion Tutor

NSGSO provides a fabulous opportunity for Scouting and Guiding members to come together and share their love of music, whilst making new friends, challenging themselves and having heaps of fun in a safe environment. The staff team all work so hard to provide a fun week, culminating in outstanding performances to showcase the talents of the orchestra and ensembles.

Sarah – Parent

Attending NSGSO since 2015 has always been the highlight of Laura’s year. She comes away year on year having made even more friends. It’s been lovely to watch her develop as a musician over the years!

Yvette – Parent

I have really enjoyed my time playing with NSGCB; the leaders are very friendly and make sure that you feel welcomed. I have met loads of great people and I have been able to play in some great venues.

Beth – Member, Tenor Sax

NSGSO is the highlight of my summer every year! The sectionals and rehearsals challenge me to play to the best of my ability, as well as developing many musical skills. Whilst the week is intense, there’s still lots of opportunities to relax, whether that’s at the ceilidh, rock climbing, getting crafty or just chilling playing cards. It is a perfect mixture of music, activities and amazing friends. If you love music and you love guiding or scouting you’re guaranteed to have a fab week.

Claire – Member, Flute/Bassoon

In 2015 we left an anxious 14 year old (and her violin) in Birmingham with the reassurance- it’s Guiding and music- the two things you like most, what’s not to like! Five NSGSO courses later it’s the best week of her year and a non negotiable part of the summer.

Liz  – Parent

Working as a tutor with the students in the NSGSO is a joy due to their professionalism , great sense of fun and wonderful dedication. I look forward every year to working with them.

Aidan Fisher- Viola tutor

NSGSO has a very strong sense of community, as unlike most other youth orchestras its members all share not one but two major interests in common. This helps create a relaxed atmosphere which allows every member to play at their best.

Will – Member, Violin

I love playing in NSGSO because I get to play incredible music and over the years have made some amazing friends who I see regularly outside of the course.

Claire – Member, Viola

A fantastic week of playing music where I have made lifelong friends.

Richard- Member, Trumpet

I really look forward to NSGSO & NSGCB course every year. It’s an action-packed week filled with a wide variety of music, meeting new people, many Guiding & Scouting activities and topped off with fantastic concerts that really give you a sense of achievement.

Lucy – Member, Clarinet

I am impressed by the development of  NSGSO and NSGCB, with the gradual increase in the numbers of young people benefiting from involvement and the increase in standards of performance over the years. The scheme also gives the youngsters involved a fantastic week of personal development, fun and friendship.

Iain Waddell – GSL and Supporter