We ask all applicants to state their ability level on their application form so we can ensure that you are of the necessary standard to participate. However we also want to stretch participants so there may well be occasions, especially over the first couple of days where the music will appear challenging. We encourage all members to remember that they have almost a full week of intensive rehearsal to perfect the music, so what might appear challenging at the beginning of the week will soon become easier.

We also have support mechanisms in place to assist you with. Our team of dedicated tutors are all professional instrumental teachers and musicians, helping you to get the most out of your instrument on the course, and are always more than happy to help with any specific issues. Alongside this we have a large, friendly team of Scout and Guide Leaders who run the day to day activities of the course and provide pastoral care. Several of these team members are themselves previous participants of the course so are uniquely placed to offer support and guidance as well as being available for members if they have any concerns.

Alongside our staff team we have a peer mentoring scheme in which experienced members of the orchestra and concert band are selected to act as mentors for new participants. This provides an additional support network to help ensure that new participants are able to maximise the opportunities and experiences the course offers. The mentors will also liaise with the staff team if necessary to ensure the well being of all course participants.

The most important thing is that we would encourage any participant whether this be their first year or their 10th to come and speak to us about any particular concerns so we can address them.