Within the Scout Association and Girlguiding there may be a number of grants you are able to access; the first point of contact would always be to speak to your leader as they may be aware of specific grants in your area.

Ask your leader or GSL (for Scouts) if your unit can help you financially in any way, but also ask your District, Division and County Commissioner as well. Guides can also ask through your local Trefoil Guild and students in SSAGO via the university. They may be willing to give you some money particularly if you offer to go back and talk about the course afterwards. Your leader should know the contact details for these commissioners and you can ask for funding from all routes at the same time, but do tell them all that you have done this!

On the national websites there are some grants available but they are quite specific e.g for those with disabilities, travelling abroad, for units in deprived areas.

We would always encourage you to contact us directly at [email protected] with any specific queries or to discuss your financial situations if you need some help. In certain circumstances we do have some internal grants available for situations of financial need.Everything is in the strictest confidence; we will have probably have heard them before and might be able to point you in specific directions.