Do I get 100% of my money returned if the course is cancelled due to reasons outside our control e.g. Covid.

In the unlikely event that the Organising Team have to cancel, or reschedule NSGSO or NSGCB 2024, we will inform members and parents/carers of the cancellation by email. If NSGSO or NSGCB 2024 has to be cancelled due to circumstances beyond the control of the organisers, money will be refunded to individuals on a pro

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Are there any hidden costs?

No; the only other costs are optional, although concert tickets are not included in the fee and you may well want family and friends to come to see you at a concert. You can order an optional hoodie or t-shirt and there is a small tuck shop with some merchandise you can purchase if you

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Are there any grants that I can access?

Within the Scout Association and Girlguiding there may be a number of grants you are able to access; the first point of contact would always be to speak to your leader as they may be aware of specific grants in your area. Ask your leader or GSL (for Scouts) if your unit can help you

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How is payment made?

The cost for the 2024 course is £580, inclusive of all food and accommodation, tuition, music, social activities and transport during the course, plus support and enquiries prior to the course. Payment is made via bank transfer. We ask for a deposit to be paid by the end of January, and then three further instalments,

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