Do I get 100% of my money returned if the course is cancelled due to reasons outside our control e.g. Covid.

In the unlikely event that the Organising Team have to cancel, or reschedule NSGSO or NSGCB 2024, we will inform members and parents/carers of the cancellation by email. If NSGSO or NSGCB 2024 has to be cancelled due to circumstances beyond the control of the organisers, money will be refunded to individuals on a pro

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What if my application is late?

We are very strict about the cut-off date and time. Applicants who have previously applied a day late have not necessarily made the final selection. However any instruments that we still have spaces available for will stay open until we have sufficient instruments. Applications received after the closing date will be considered in date order.

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Can I apply to both ensembles?

Yes you can. You will be asked if you want to apply for either one or both ensembles when you complete the application form. Some instruments are only accepted in one ensemble, so in that case you only apply for that one, but otherwise you can apply to both or just one. If you apply

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