Each year we have a number of new participants, usually around 30-40; the majority of whom do not know anyone before they attend. On arrival we hold an “ice-breaking” session, and members normally find that they are soon able to get to know the people within their accommodation and musical sections. 

Alongside our staff team we have a peer mentoring scheme in which experienced members of the orchestra and concert band are selected to act as mentors for new participants. This provides an additional support network, and the mentors will also liaise with the staff team if necessary to ensure the well being of all course participants.

Prior to the course we set up a closed Facebook group each for participants (over the age of 13) and their parents/carers. We encourage all members to introduce themselves so you can start to get to know each other before the course even begins.

There is also an optional parents meeting on the first day for parents to meet some of the staff team and ask any further questions that you would like.